terms of service

this document establishes the terms of service for a.ari.lt . by accessing or using this website, you agree to comply with following terms and conditions . these apply to all aspects of this website, comprising, but not limited to, the content, source code, and any new material uploaded or created on this website

these terms of service have been authorised by the website author, Ari Archer <ari.web.xyz@gmail.com>, and have been in effect since .

# definitions

'this website', 'this platform' or 'the service' refers to a.ari.lt

'the services' refers to any services provided by the website

'user' signifies any person making use of this website

references to 'the website author' pertain to Ari Archer <ari.web.xyz@gmail.com>

anything along the lines of 'the author of the content' refers to the author of any content that was uploaded, created, published or similarly on the platform

# licensing

all content - including but not limited to uploaded, utilized, and created on this website is under the GPLv3 license, with the general implications being :

by using the services, you accept this license agreement and agree to adhere to its stipulations . failure to do so will result in the content being set to private only until the author of the content adheres to the licensing terms

before you upload or publish any content on this website, you must hold sufficient rights to provide the license granted herein

# privacy

this website highly values your privacy, the only data this website collects during your visit are those given at sign up or sign in, which includes :

users have the right to request the deletion or invoke the deletion themselves of their data at any time

# security

while this website attempts to adhere to the best security practices, it cannot guarantee absolute security, in the event of a detected breach, the website will be secured ( will be put under lockdown ) and users may be required to change their credentials

# limiting

access to the service may be limited or restricted if a user is determined to be abusing the service . this can result in narrower usage limits, decreased access to specific services, or lower prioritization where pertinent

to avoid being identified as an abuser of the service, users must adhere to the terms of service, refrain from engaging in spam activities, comply with the limits set upon your usage, and contribute to a positive community environment . expressing diverse opinions and viewpoints is welcomed, even on controversial matters, provided it's factually based and does not breach these terms of service

# content

all shared content must respect copyrights and other intellectual property rights, be factually correct and not misleading . any discovered content infringing these rules will be removed without notice, and the responsible account may be terminated . all content is required to obey german and european laws

# limitation of liability

neither this website nor its author, Ari Archer, can be held responsible for any damages resulting from downloading material from this site, infringing intellectual property rights, spreading false or misleading information, data loss or altering, or similar activities . infringing material will be promptly removed, and if necessary, the author of the material expunged entirely from the site, although lost data cannot be recovered

# modification of terms

the website author reserves the right to amend, revise, or otherwise modify these terms of service at any time . any such changes will be indicated by an updated effective date at the top of this page . your continued access to this website signifies your agreement to these terms of service after any modifications have been made

you are encouraged to review these terms of service periodically, and contact the website author if you have any queries

# termination

the website author reserves the right to terminate your access to the website for any reason, including for breach of these terms of service . users may also terminate their own access to the service by discontinuing use of the website

# dispute resolution

any disputes or issues connected to the service are not the responsibility of the website author, the service provider or the website overall . participants of any disagreement are expected to handle the situation privately and in a manner that does not involve or damage the reputation of the website or its author . users are encouraged to engage in peaceful resolution practices to ensure a positive user experience for all

# guarantee

the use of a.ari.lt is at your sole risk . the website author makes no warranties or guarantees about the safety, reliability, availability, and performance of the website . as a user, you agree to assume all risk for any damages that may result from your use of the website, including data loss or exposure

# minors

this website is open to users of all ages . please note that a.ari.lt does not collect any personally identifiable data, and the only cookie it stores is an authentication and session storage cookie

# accountability for online actions, behavior, and conduct

the user is responsible for their behavior on the platform . any user found engaging in activities that violate these terms or any applicable laws may have their access to the website terminated . such activities may include harassing other users, spreading false information, or infracting copyright laws

# payment

currently, the service provided by the website is free of charge . should the website author decide to implement paid features or monetization through advertisements in the future, users will be notified and given the opportunity to agree to these changes . any user who does not agree with the introduced changes may continue using the website free of charge, ads and paid features .

# access

this service grants you the right to access any endpoint or resource available on the platform, subject to your own discretion . please be advised, for security and resource management reasons, certain sections of the service have been shielded with CAPTCHA protection . under such circumstances, it's recommended to utilize the application interface and application programming interface ( API ) for gaining access . there might be occasions where an API or app interface isn't provided for a specific feature, determined as unnecessary for automated use . despite this, you are allowed to use web scraping techniques and other methods, should you wish to unofficially access these protected features . please note, however, the website has the right to enforce usage restrictions as necessary

# AI training and data usage

any collection, processing, or usage of data from this website for the purpose of training artificial intelligence ( AI ) systems or for any other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, unless given express approval . for mass data projects, consent must be granted by the owner of the service, the author of the content, and at least one administrator ( when available ) . for smaller scale projects, the permission of the content author will be sufficient if provided proof when asked . unauthorized data collection, especially on a larger scale, is considered a violation of these terms and will result in immediate termination of access rights to the website

in case such permission is granted, it's the responsibility of the requesting party to ensure the data collected is anonymized, to respect and maintain the privacy of our users . consent for data usage can be rescinded at any time by the providing party, at which point, all data must be deleted and its use discontinued

the service emphasizes the importance of information privacy and intellectual property rights and expect all users, including commercial entities, to respect these rights and abide by all aforementioned conditions