discord ai agent

i finetuned a llama2-70b qlora on bout 300mb random scraped shit and 10mb on discord data of me switchin channels and shit

so he can kind of do stuff on his own without anyone @'ing him and also figure out when to say something from context clues

it works OK, he kind of has down syndrome or summin but he funny

model in q6_k gguf will be at https://huggingface.co/sdhsdashdkh/c

and the code for running it is on my github, except its a real mess :^) (no i wont refactor)

he got kind of racist so idk if i should show screenshots but anyone interested can run it themselves, sometimes it spams insults at me and wont stop, maybe its sentient

thats that i gues, just wanted to post somethin