hello world


this is my first blog post on this thing,

well technically not first, i had 2 versions of this on here before, but the database was being weird and not quirky by using latin1 instead of utf8 encoding and its was painful

ill import stuff from https://blog.ari.lt/ someday here

anyway unicode test :

  1. Latin Characters: À (U+00C0), È (U+00C8), Í (U+00CD), Ô (U+00D4), Ù (U+00D9)
  2. Greek Characters: Α (U+0391), Β (U+0392), Ψ (U+03A8), Ω (U+03A9)
  3. Cyrillic Characters: А (U+0410), Ж (U+0416), Ч (U+0427), Я (U+042F)
  4. Japanese Characters: ハ (U+30CF), ミ (U+30DF), ラ (U+30E9), ル (U+30EB)
  5. Arabic Characters: آ (U+0622), ح (U+062D), ص (U+0635), ظ (U+0638)
  6. Chinese Characters: 我 (U+6211), 爱 (U+7231), 你 (U+4F60)
  7. Emojis: 😊 (U+1F60A), 💻 (U+1F4BB), 🌍 (U+1F30D), 🚀 (U+1F680)
  8. Miscellaneous: ∑ (U+2211), ¥ (U+00A5), ∞ (U+221E), © (U+00A9)
  9. Mathematical Symbols: ∆ (U+0394), ∏ (U+03A0), √ (U+221A)
  10. Symbols and Pictographs: 🦋 (U+1F98B), 🍎 (U+1F34E), 🎵 (U+1F3B5), 🛒 (U+1F6D2)