how i got unlimited on telegram after dickriding the admins didnt work :+1:

a while ago i got limited by telegram, and like, out of fking random, and it turns out tht all u need to do is to b an asshole !

no like actually, i always was a telegram dickrider when doing these things, recently i was in the mood for more dickriding, but i got angry at telegram and uh i said this :

i didnt do anything wrong, one day it feels like i was limited out of random, and its wtf lol, its not as if im an active user of tg anyway nowadays like i used to b, then, when i used to b active and send a lot of msgs, i get why i was limited, but now, even after contacting multiple times i still got no chance of unlimiting lol, i use it to talk w a couple of people, but eh, i doubt this one will work either lol, ill just slowly migrate from t*legram to something better, like matrix, bc jesus fucking christ, does a user have to buy ur shitty 374832798 euro a month premium plan to get basic fucking usage of ur data-collecting shitty fucking service, or maybe suck the ceos small cock ? i cant, i am so fucking angry lol



i got unlimited so fast AFTER SO MANY FUCKING ATTEMPTS, like holy fucking shit lmao, it annoyed me so bad, i will actually shove a 5 km stick up the ceos ass istg